17 Diet and Diet Memes to see Your Fact-Denying Buddies

A lot of us identify ourselves with the food we eat.

Or even more particularly, what we should don’t eat.

Issue is nearly all diets, diet “cures” and “dangers” on social networking are wrong (and stupid).

Consequently we’re spending record levels of time and money on health products and “hacks” that aren’t even healthier.

Fortunately I’ve encounter many health professionals on my small new Instagram and Facebook page who’re challenging this misinformation within an entertaining way… with diet memes!

Here’s an chance that you should think about the details, in order to share this with somebody that should.

1. “Skinny” Foods Don’t Cause You To Healthier (Or Skinnier)

“Skinny” and “Detox” Foods Don’t Make You Healthier

Source: Physiqonomics


2. Organic Isn’t Healthier

organic junk food is still junk food

Source: Dr. Spencer

Should there be any advantages of organic food, being healthier is undertake and don’t.

Actually, organic is really a effective marketing label available organic alcohol and organic cigarettes.

3. There Aren’t Any Fat-Burning Foods

There Are No Fat-Burning Foods

Source: AWorkoutRoutine

Whenever we discuss fat-burning, we’re talking about a rise in metabolism (the power you burn resting).

It is true that caffeine can improve your metabolism within the short-term. Actually, even 500 ml water can increase metabolism for 30 minutes (1, 2).

However these increases are extremely small , short-resided that they’re biologically minor. Quite simply, the result reducing weight is really minor that it is unnoticeable.

I really wish we’re able to burn off fat with no effort on the part, but weight loss doesn’t work like this.

4. Vaccinate

why you should vaccinate

Source: We Like GMO and Vaccines

“Advances in medicine and agriculture have saved vastly more lives than happen to be lost out of all wars ever.Inches – Carl Sagan.

5. Coconut Oil Is Fattening and never Very Healthy

coconut oil is fattening

Source: Exposing Dietary Quackery 

Coconut oil is 100% fat and full of calories.

One tablespoon (13.6 grams) is 117 calories, which is equivalent to the calories in three oreo cookies, or half a Mars bar (3).

The health advantages of coconut oil are also blown way to avoid it of proportion.

6. Sugar Isn’t The Problem… It’s The Sugar + Fat Combo

Sugar Is Not The Problem… It’s The Sugar + Fat Combo

Source: Physiqonomics

When someone claims they’ve “quit sugar” they usually list foods for example frozen treats, chocolate and cookies as examples.

However these foods are not only full of sugar. They’re also very full of fat (and for that reason calories), and that’s why they’re unhealthy in considerable amounts.

For instance, 58% from the calories in Oreos originate from carbs, but 38% originate from fat (and 4% from protein) (4).

So fat accounts for nearly as many calories because the sugar. To simply blame the sugar in unhealthy foods and not body fat is plain wrong.

7. Aspartame along with other “Toxic” Ingredients Are Secure

Aspartame and Other “Toxic” Ingredients Are Safe

Source: Fitness Reloaded

Water is toxic too should you drink crazy considerable amounts.

Actually, people die from water intoxication (5, 6).

Always remember, the dose helps make the poison.

8. All Diets Operate In The Very Same Way- They Cut The Amount You Eat

All Diets Work In The Exact Same Way- They Cut Your Calorie Intake

Source: Myolean Fitness

The diets most importantly have different rules and limitations, yet they are able to all work to lose weight.

It is because ultimately all of them perform the same thing… assist you to reduce your total calorie consumption, that is what weight reduction comes lower to.

The highest weight loss program is the main one you can stay with lengthy term.

9. You Can’t Help Make Your Body More Alkaline

You Can not Make Your Body More Alkaline

When individuals discuss increasingly alkaline, they’re talking about an eating plan that lowers the pH of the bloodstream (which makes it more alkaline).

However, the body tightly regulates bloodstream pH using your lung area and kidneys. Even small lasting changes could make you terribly sick and can also be fatal.

However this is really a great thing… If what we eat could considerably influence bloodstream pH, we’d be dead.

10. Vinegar Won’t Cure Your Stomach Fat

Vinegar Will Not Cure Your Belly Fat

Source: Dr. Spencer

Vinegar is very acidic.

It’s great for getting rid of warts, not excess fat.

In addition to this, it’s puzzling the number of people consume vinegar yet eat to make and try themselves alkaline…

11. Again, Your Diet Plan Labored Since It Cut Calories

Again, Your Diet Worked Because It Cut Calories

Source: Ben Carpenter

This truth is so hard that people accept, therefore it was worth repeating.

For instance, you didn’t lose 20 lbs around the ketogenic diet simply because you stopped eating “fattening” carbs. Carbs aren’t inherently fattening.

You lost 20 lbs because that new eating pattern helped you consistently eat less overall calories than you accustomed to.


12. Lemon Water Is Tasty… Not Magical

Lemon Water Is Tasty… Not Magical

Source: Fitness Reloaded

Lemon water is alleged to possess various health advantages.

It isn’t uncommon to see better levels of energy and even perhaps weight reduction should you start to drink lots of lemon water.

However the benefits range from proven fact that you’re consuming more water… it’s nothing related to the lemon.

13. GMOs Aren’t Harmful

GMOs Are Not Dangerous

It is true, your dog is really a genetically modified organism (GMO).

The purpose though is the fact that GMO foods aren’t harmful. Zero individuals have died from GMOs, ever.

Similar to organic, world war 2 against genetically modified foods is really a marketing do more exercise than other things.

Because what happens sells much better than sex? Fear.

14. Juicing Isn’t Healthier

Juicing Is Not Healthier

Juice should never be better than whole fruit.

The exception is that if your juice is multiple serves of vegetables and just a touch of fruit… because you probably know this you will not consume the vegetables otherwise.

Where possible always eat your calories instead of drink them.

15. Your Bulletproof Coffee Isn’t Healthier

why bulletproof coffee is bad for you

Source: Diet versus Disease

Coffee is scrumptious.

Butter is scrumptious.

But simply because a couple of things are scrumptious, doesn’t mean you should combine them.

The exception is vegemite and avocado.

16. One Further Time…

One more time calories and weight loss

Source: Sohee Fit

17. Diet: It’s a Science, No Opinion

Nutrition It’s a Science, Not An Opinion

Share these diet memes with someone who doesn’t realize diet is really a science, no opinion.

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